Day 06

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No pictures today, I took them but for some reason I can’t send them to my computer here, that particular service is not available. I’ll post them along with whatever I take tomorrow when I next have that service.

Here’s what I wrote up for today:

I overshot Gettysburg and wound up in Maryland. Did good today, rode well, made it the furthest so far. My plan for tomorrow is to find my way from here (Hagerstown) to Gettysburg, should be there by early afternoon, if I don’t get too lost. I mean, technically speaking, I’m lost all the time – I almost never know where I am at any given time. I can always find the general area on the road atlas of course – just find the highway number I’m on on the map and then locate the last town I rode through – so only lost by design. But the point is that tomorrow I want to make it to Gettysburg with time left in the day.

It’s my intention to spend a couple days there. There’s a KOA either in or on the outskirts of the town which I’ll stay at for one or two nights, though there’s a hotel I stayed at on the 2012 trip that not only had a cannon in the foyer and room service – but made one of the best burgers I’ve had in years – I aim to see if their food is still that good.

We had family at Gettysburg. I remember in the 90s when the film came out dad sat us down and we all watched it together and every so often he’d point out where our great-great-somebody fought and talk about the regimental battle flag that one of the women in our family had sewn which got donated along with a few of the other artifacts to some museum somewhere I can’t remember because this was 20 years ago at least. We still have his fife and watch, I have the watch, I gave my brother the fife.

While riding route 16 south through PA today I spent a solid amount of time thinking about how folks on solo bikes would absolutely love this road – well maintained, average speed limit of 55mph, and lots of twisty roads weaving in and out of forests and up & down the mountain side. It was decently hard work mongering the sidecar rig through the roads and so I was averaging speeds of 30-40 through the bits that made me wish I was on a solo bike. I had just looked at the odometer which read 10,498 and I was kind of looking forward to it rolling over to 500 when I hit three hairpin turns that were in a solid row – the road leading out of the first lead right into the second and the road out of that right into the third – and the corners were banked the opposite of how you’d want to do that. I had to go through them at 15mph in second gear and I do not think you could make it through those turns on a solo bike. I actually passed a rider heading in the opposite direction a little while later and was legit worried about him for the rest of the day – I’m still a bit worried about him. But we passed each other at the first place I was able to relax since the hairpins as the roads were all over the place after the hairpins and I had to go around more than a few turns at about 20mph while thanking the stars that it was Sunday and so no one was about except myself and that other guy on a bike. The odometer was at 10,528 when I’d finally hit that stretch where I could safely take my eyes off the road for an instant to check the clock.

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