Day 12

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Woke up early this morning as planned and set about trying to nail down a new rear tube, the shop within walking distance put me on hold for 30 minutes so I called the other shop, upon hearing my plight the folks at the 40+ year old family owned Leeson Motors offered to come pick up me and my wheel. Decided to go with a new tire as well, the new one is almost identical to the old one, and the price (and ride back) was all excellent. Remounting the wheel was a bit of a hassle, turns out the spot the bike is on the center stand in relation to the curb was fine for a balding flat tire, but too close for a brand new fully inflated knobby. Couldn’t move the bike because rocking it off the stand without the rear wheel mounted would drop the tail of the bike and both mufflers on the concrete – so I opted for deflating the tire and then mongering it into the space and back over the drum shoes – luckily without knocking them off their cams. After the wheel was in everything went back together quickly and happily. I’ll be able to get back on the road tomorrow morning, and as such, I’m going to bed now.

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