Day 13

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Alright, so today wasn’t quite what I’d hoped, I rode a total of 350kms and I’m about 150kms from where I started – and 150kms from where I wanted to wind up – which was only 240kms from where I began. I’d made it up to just south of Pittsburg when the road I was on ended at a closed bridge without any detour signs. Changed my route and hit a detour which I took and then due to a lack of signs showing out-of-towners where to turn to keep following said detour I got pretty lost. That happened again about an hour later with another detour. At one point I was on the historic US-40-W and everyone was turning off it to follow yet another detour and I said “screw it” and just kept going and never ran into whatever it was that caused them to put up the detour signs and had the road entirely to myself for almost an hour – not another soul in either direction – it was glorious.

At this moment I’m in Saint Clairsville Ohio and there’s apparently a pretty decent steakhouse about 2kms from where I sit. Also this hotel has an indoor pool and possibly a hot-tub, so the game plan is to go smoke my pipe, get a steak, then come back here and spend an hour or so soaking in the hot-tub if they have one – something not recommended for people on morphine but fuckit, I haven’t drowned yet.

Tomorrow I’ll try again for Youngstown and should be able to get there by early/mid afternoon. I’m looking forward to seeing my uncle George & aunt Cindy immensely and I also want to visit the Bensons while I’m there – because though they aren’t blood relatives, they might as well be.

Right, time to go get a steak!

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