Day 19

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I’m posting from Scranton PA where I ended at about 6pm after a solid day’s ride and a bit of heaven. I was a ways back, this was around 3pm, at a burger joint off PA-11-N when a fellow named Lance turned up on a Harley for a bit of a chat – at the end of which he asked if I’d seen Bill’s down the road about 3 miles from which I’d come. Turns out there’s a pretty impressive motorcycle museum on Rt 11 which had more than a couple examples of machines that I’ve loved & lusted after much of my life that I before today had never seen outside of a book. Admission was $5 – and I could have killed 2-3 days in there – they also had a Rolls Royce pickup truck which was lovely.

At any rate, here (out of order) are the pictures I took, and then one of me behind a bike I was so happy to see I damn near cried (seriously):

1914 Triumph

1939 350cc Velocette



Moto Guzzi Single War Department Machine:

Moto Guzzi 850

BSA War Department (M20 I think)

The bike that damn near made me cry – a 1909 Peugeot – never expected to see one in person:

The other treat of the day was this war department BMW – which is one of the bikes Ural & Dnepr were founded on (by reverse engineering & copying) – though this machine was not reproduced by the Russians after the end of the war. Ignoring the fact that this was ridden by a fucking nazi, this is actually a brilliant bike, the gearbox is a two in one type with a set of gears for marching pace and then another set for road speed, the airbox is under that helmet looking thing on top of the tank allowing for river crossings, overhead valves, the same sidecar tub design that comes with Urals (still), high exhaust (also for river crossings), hinged rear fender for pulling the wheel, magdyno ignition, rigid frame with sprung saddle. This was one of the finest machines to be given to soldiers (on any side) during WWII. It’s also another bike that I never expected to see outside of a book.

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