Day 20

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I spend a fair amount of time either singing American Pie or Plastic Jesus (learned from watching Cool Hand Luke as a kid) as they’re the only two songs I know in full that are alright being repeated. I think back to those early trips cross country in the 240 Volvos listening to Paul Simon’s Graceland on cassette on loop and that trip dad and I took to Mexico together when I was seventeen when he allowed me to pick some of the music. Probably helped a great deal that at that time I was mostly into The Who, the Stones, CCR, and the Velvet Underground. Aha, I’ll never forget how excited dad was when he discovered that I had Heroin on vinyl, made me bring it down so he could play it on his stereo.

Sorry, that turned into a bit of a ramble, it’s easy for that to happen on trips such as this. It’s almost over, if I beat the hell out of myself I could be home tomorrow, but I think I’ll roll into Worcester in the early afternoon on Tuesday. Depending on the direction I come in from I’ll probably make a stop at Barnstorm Cycles on the way home, I owe them money for the Norton wheels – I’d planned to pay half as I left town but ended up going past because I’d gotten on the road late and didn’t want to lose any more time.

Today’s ride was pretty good all things considered. I took:

At which point I pulled off into a grocery store parking lot and gave Brent a call as he was apparently quite close to where I’d been this morning (Scranton) and we talked for a while which was nice. He pointed out the fact that if I could have got on the interstate I could have been home in four hours, which is quite true, but although I’m starting to burn out – I’m still enjoying the rambling and don’t mind rambling home.

Leaving the grocery store behind I followed 6 for a short bit and then continued onto PA-652-E which eventually turned into NY-52-E after crossing a bridge and I followed 52 for pretty much the rest of the day. There had been a plan to follow two other roads but I realized this morning that after following them for some period they’d drop me back onto 52 so I figured I might as well stick with it.

There was this mountain that 52 wound through towards the end of the day that guys were rocketing around on sports bikes and there I was going round these twisty ups and steep downs on this weighted sidecar rig running knobby tires and trying not to get distracted by the breathtaking views.

I eventually hit my limit for forward movement as I was passing through Walden NY and began looking for a hotel. I didn’t find one. Hopped on 84 East for a couple exits and saw signs for hotels and got off – didn’t find any hotels. Found a Pizza Hut and went in to ask the delivery folks to direct me to a hotel and was told to get on 84 W for 2 exits – which I did – and now I’m right next to an airport. As I was unpacking the bike a BIG Air Force cargo prop plane came down on final approach and when it passed over the parking lot it was low enough to see the rivets – I let out a loud (and totally muted by the engines) HOLY SHIT! – and watched it drop out of view as it touched down on the strip running perpendicular to this hotel.

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