PM #3 (first to build)

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I’ve finally decided on an engine to start with. I had a lot of options to pick from and I wanted to be sure of my decision before I went downstairs and started to machine anything because castings aren’t cheap and I’m wary of my skill level at the moment. Better put I don’t really have a skill level at the moment, I can work the lathe without hurting myself but I’m jittery and out of practice. Also its a bit weird not having dad six feet away, I guess I dismantled the old shop before I got used to the notion of him not being there with me.

Engine castings we’ve got (I’ve got)

On the table are castings for Vulcan a beam steam engine, Kiwi a little single cylinder gas engine, and Trojan a small marine steam engine. Not shown, there is also the V10 steam marine engine that is a bit larger and more rigid than Trojan.

Vulcan & Kiwi are totally outside my range at the moment. Trojan was bought to be my first engine but early in my start at it my father decided that the V10 would be a better engine for me since it comes with a step by step book on just how to do it.

But those are all very nice engines, I dig them all quite a bit and when I am done with them I want each to be the best I am capable of at the time, but not the best I am capable of at this time. I want an engine under my belt before I start Trojan, then V10, then Kiwi maybe. I wanted something cheap and so simple it can’t be screwed up.

I found it in PM #3

They sell two versions, alloy castings vs bronze & iron castings. I went with the latter, I want a workhorse. The castings:

Now they practically advertise that this can be bullshitted together and still run, while they also say that its really quite nice when done right.

I plan to do an excellent job, I just, this will be the first time I’ve had to really seek accuracy since I became this medicated. My mind doesn’t work as well nor as easily as it used to, and I need a project that I can’t screw up so that I can find my comfort zone again.

Found pictures of one a guy did up nice

Should be a fun way to get my feet wet again. Next bit is actually getting downstairs again on a regular basis, easier said than done, but most of life is like that – kind of the point I guess.

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