Shop Outfitting

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5 January 2014
This month I’ve bought three things for the shop that I need and didn’t have.

The first was a couple of things for the Bridgeport mill, primarily a set of 13 R8 collets – ⅛” – ⅞” sizes move from smallest to largest 1/16″ at a time.

The other thing for the Bridgeport was a collet rack that is apparently designed to bolt onto the machine itself which looks like this:

It apparently mounts something like this:

My original plan was to just make a collet rack out of 2×4 and mount it to a wall or bench near the machine, but the rack was $13 so we’ll give it a go.

The second thing I bought is for the South Bend 13 lathe I’ve got. It didn’t come with a faceplate which is something I’ll need for future and semi current projects. I found a 12″ faceplate that is designed to work with the D1-4 camlock on Ebay for less than $100 including S&H. It’ll be interesting to see the quality control, if its a piece of shit I’ll eventually use it as a template to make my own, but for now I need one and I didn’t want to have to make one before I can start the projects I’ll need it for.

That is all of my “mad money” for the month, pop’s expression for money you don’t need for food & bills.

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