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There is a book called The Project book written by Ron Poulter & Bob Hines on how to build a single cylinder 0-6-0 gauge 1 locomotive. We’ve had a copy of the book since I was a kid, I actually absconded with it when I was younger which accounts for the battered condition of my copy.

For a little kid who loves building things and taking them apart it really was the perfect book. Inside is a direct blow by blow set of instructions with nice big drawings on exactly how to build this engine. It fascinated me, ran off with my imagination. Its a tender locomotive but I wanted to turn it into a tank engine and spent weeks making drawings of both how it’d look and how I’d do it. Picture technical drawings then skew them slightly as they’d be done by someone who is 13.

The Project when built looks like this:

Its not just a model, its a live steam locomotive much of which was made out of bar stock and sheet metal by whoever it is that happened to build that one. This stuff still blows my mind – excites the soul.
The Project was based on a real locomotive type, a 0-6-0 Fowler, here is an example of a full size locomotive.

Its been 16(ish) years and I’m still coming up with my own ideas of how I’d want to do the Project. See, for me I love mechanical things that are by themselves as self reliant as you can get. An example of that would be motorcycles with Mags & MagDynos – it just drives me wild when a motorcycle doesn’t need a battery to run, when it produces its own juice to the fullest extent. I love that. Or with locomotives – when they can carry their own fuel and do not need the tender car behind them, like this 0-6-0 tank engine:

So thats what I have been playing with all these years, but I have finally settled on the design I am going to copy when I do get around to (and good enough to build) the Project.

For a long time I had been really digging the side tank style like the one up above, but I have now come across the Hunslet locomotives that are saddle tank 0-6-0’s like the Fowler type.

There are only a couple slight differences with the chassis besides the saddle tank itself (you’ll understand when you see the picture if you don’t know the type already). The primary difference is in the frame. The frame on the Fowler is not as tall which makes the deck plating sit around the wheels. On the Hunslet the frame is taller putting the deck plate above the wheels. The cab is different, hangs back further, more enclosure. I suspect that the boiler sits higher up due to the higher frame.

All of those things can be worked out by making copies of the Project drawings that are to scale and re-designing them right on the copies. I am sure that as I went along both on the table and in the actual build I would stumble on little problems to solve, you get that modifying any mechanical object.

Anyway, enough, this is a Huslet Saddle Engine

=== If/When I do get around to The Project, well, I’ll have to start updating this page. Until then it has just been an excuses to write about this locomotive.

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