Was looking through some old family photos

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I was digging through an album of photos of my family & I from the 90s and early ’00s a lot of good memories here.

The pic that got me into Private Catholic school, right or wrong they thought I was jewish because of my last name and then they saw the pic of what Sister Inez described as a perfect little german boy. Now you can read that any number of ways, but it worked.

Same years, up in Maine somewhere


With my pup Zach, he was old, had had him since I was in 2nd grade and MC Hammer was cool, Long Ago haha

First Car, drove it to California and back when I was 19.

Back when I was a healthier looking guy

This next series was one of dad’s family photo sessions, always looking for the perfect shot. My brother was away at college, which is why he’s not in these. This resulted in my favorite picture of my mother & I taken by dad, and the perfect picture showing my parents and their love for each other, taken by me. That photo is the one we used of dad for his obit.

It began with me taking pics of mom & dad

And that perfect pic, I love that the pink toilet is visible, growing up with that is my reason for keeping my yellow toilet.

This next set will forever be my favorite documentation of my relation ship with mom. As we were going the dogs slowly caught wind of something important happening and slowly tried to join in and at the end mom and I were just laughing hysterically, the last picture is my favorite of mom & I.

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  1. kabemt

    Greetings. I found a reply of yours on a thread where you asked about the FitzSimons Steel Company in Youngstown. I am doing genealogical research for a friend of mine who is a descendant of Thomas G FitzSimons. I would be interested in getting any info you may have on the family. Kabemt@aol.com


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